Entertainment Schedule

The House of Friendship is the main event for the Rotary International. With over 30,000 expected attendees, exhibitors will have unlimited access to a world-wide stage to present their products and services. 50% of the 30,000 attendees will be from the southeastern United States while the remaining 50% will draw from the rest of the U.S. and over 100 countries around the world.

Date Early Access Exhibit Hours*
Friday, 09 June 0900-1800 Closed - Exhibitor Setup
Saturday, 10 June 0800-0900

0900-1800 Open to Registrants
1030-1100 Grand Opening Parade

Sunday, 11 June 0800-0900


Monday, 12 June 0800-0900 0900-1800
Tuesday, 13 June 0800-0900 0900-1800
Wednesday, 14 June


Closed - Exhibitor Move-out

*House of Friendship hours and performances are subject to change


Performance Date Featured Group Time Start Time End Room/Location Entertainment Description
Saturday, 6/10/2017 Tri-City High School Rag Time Band (20) 11:00am 11:30am HOF Main Stage Fulton County High School Rag-time Band, Tarik Rowland, Director
  KasCie Page Country Band (14) 12:00pm 1:00pm HOF Main Stage KasCie Page Country Band New #1 Hit County singer & 6 piece band
  Power Taps Cloggers (40) 1:15pm 1:45pm HOF Main Stage Power Taps Cloggers Cloggers dancing to country music
  Kate Keys Band (12) 2:00pm 3:00pm HOF Main Stage Kate Keys Band Blues/Rock Band/6 members
  Scott Anderson Performs Piano (2) 3:15pm 3:45pm HOF Main Stage Scott Anderson Performs Single performer/electric piano
  Hit N' Run (12) 4:00pm 5:00pm HOF Main Stage Hit N' Run  Rock n Roll Music/6 member band
Sunday, 6/11/2017 Sandy Springs Charter School (35) 9:00am 9:45am HOF Main Stage Fulton County Charter Classical Swing
  Atlanta Gospel Choir (50) 10:00am 10:30pm HOF Main Stage Atlanta Gospel Choir Gospel Choir
  KasCie Page Band (14) 12:30pm 1:30pm HOF Main Stage Blues/Rock/Country Band Country Band
  Jordan Roedding (3) 1:30pm 2:00pm HOF Main Stage Jordan Roedding  Solo Acoustic Guitar
  World Rotary Choir (135) 2:00pm 2:30pm HOF Main Stage World Rotary Choir Rotary Music Fellowship
  Kate Keys Band (12) 2:30pm 3:30pm HOF Main Stage Kate Keys Band Blues/Rock/Country Band
  Rotary Rocks (10) 3:45pm 4:30pm HOF Main Stage Rock Band Rock Band
Monday, 6/12/2017 Tri-City High School Jazz Quartet (8) 12:00pm 12:45pm HOF Main Stage Jazz Quartet Jazz Quartet, Tarik Rowland, Director
  Jordan Roedding (3) 1:00pm 1:45pm HOF Main Stage Acoustic Guitar Solo Acoustic Guitar
  Power Taps Square Dancing (40) 2:00pm 2:40pm HOF Main Stage Square Dancing Square Dancing
  Lady Sings the Blues 2:45pm 3:15pm HOF Main Stage Solo Vocalist Blues
  Atlanta Choral (24) 2:45pm 3:45pm HOF Main Stage Gospel Music Gospel Music
Tuesday, 6/13/2017 Jordan Roedding (3) 12:00pm 12:45pm HOF Main Stage Acoustic Guitar Solo Acoustic Guitar
  IFRM Showcase (135)     HOF Main Stage Int'l Fellowship of Rotary Musicians Choral Music/Solos/Duets/Quartets
    DGE David Pope Performs Solos 1:00pm 1:20pm HOF Main Stage Soloist - Counter Tenor Soloist - Counter Tenor w/ piano accomp.
    Jean-Louis Nguyen Qui w/ Jazz Cool Band Orchestra 1:20pm 1:40pm HOF Main Stage Vocalist w/ Jazz Orchestra Vocalist w/ Jazz Cool Band Orchestra
    Sanjay Koppikar & DG Vinaykumar Pai Raikar 1:40pm 2:00pm HOF Main Stage Songs of India Songs of India
    Dr. Ada Kahn 2:00pm 2:20pm HOF Main Stage Flautist Flautist plays patriotic songs
    Malcolm Charles & The Rotary Calabashers 2:20pm 2:40pm HOF Main Stage Sounds of the Caribbean: Marley Sounds of the Caribbean: Bob Marley
    Howard Bridgman 2:40pm 3:00pm HOF Main Stage Broadway Tunes - Tenor Broadway Turnes - Tenor
    Toni McLean Performs 3:00pm 3:20pm HOF Main Stage Soloist  Soloist
    Darrell Gaukroger, IFRM Vice-Chair/Australia 3:20pm 3:30pm HOF Main Stage Keyboardiest Keyboardist
    Rod Fivelstad, Song Leader, IFRM Sing-Along 3:30pm 4:00pm HOF Main Stage Chorus Sing Along Chorus Sing Along
  1920's Piano Concert 4:00pm 4:30pm HOF Main Stage Piano Concert Single performer/electric piano 1920's
Wednesday, 6/14/2017 Tri-City High Rag Time/Jazz Band (20) 12:00pm 3:30pm HOF Main Area 1920's Ragtime and Jass Music Arch Klumpf 100th Anniversary Party