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Plan for the 3 days conference in Los Angeles

Here you can see all the details regarding the plan for our conference in Los Angeles in the current month. Be free to join us at any given moment and to get the complete list of details at any given moment. Anyway, please check the schedule.

Main speakers

John Smith

US economist

Leyla Willis

UK therapist

Thobe Lius

South Africa Developer

Jennifer Lee

France Biologist

Nicole Anier

Germany Politician

Our speakers are well-known across the globe and yes, they will help you have a great time and learn tons of useful things.


Tom Kanes

Friday 11th

John Smith

US economist 11 am

Leyla Willis

UK therapist 12 am

Thobe Lius

South Africa Developer 1 pm

Saturday 12th

Jennifer Lee

France Biologist 9 am

Nicole Anier

Germany Politician 10 am

Chandler McClain

Broker 11 am

Monday 14th

Brad Stalius

Banker 8 am

Julian Gate

Developer 10 am

Chase Hits

App tester 11 am

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Our clients have been using our services for a long period of time and over time we were able to help them to any possible detail and to boost their expertise. We have been cooperating with people from all over the globe and we are proud of this advantage.
You can be our client as well. Contact us whenever you like and get details within seconds.

Check out the 3-day conference details in Los Angeles


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Aubrey McAllister

She has been performing professional conferences for 22 years.

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